Our Story

Welcome to our studio! We create on an itsy-bitsy cove in Annapolis, Maryland, tucked within Spa Creek, nestled along the Severn River, spilling out to the Chesapeake Bay. We also make magic on the Outer Banks of Duck, North Carolina, where the surf is fickle, the winds are mighty, and the locals are fearless. Spa Creek Studio is a place to create, escape, flow, and celebrate the sea, sky, surf, sand, and sun. Our art is inspired by the rhythm of a life that is lived seaside, and a reverence for the view that is earned at the mountaintop. The flow of tides, the mysteries of the creeks, and the wonder of simply being witness to it all is our inspiration.

Available Works

Blue Sky on Dune

A view from the dunes, wildflowers, seaside

acrylic on stretched canvas, textured clouds, framed

25" X 25"

Coastal Passage


Acrylic on upcycled canvas


Little Cove

Shadowy water glimmers, whimsical clouds, and a summer sunset on the cove.

Acrylic on 3D wood

8" x 10"

Rainbow Cove

Sail way with cotton candy summer clouds on a sparkly summer cove.

Acrylic on 3D wood

12" x 8"

Dream Cove

Purple-y pops of inspiration on a sun-dappled cove, with cotton candy clouds.

Acrylic on 3D wood

7" x 10"

Cove Magic

Whimsical cotton clouds & morning sparkles on the summery cove.

Acrylic on wood

12" x 12"

Moody Blues

Moody sky and ocean

Acyrlic on stretched canvas

36" x 36"

Salty Bliss

Sun sparkles on Salty, a sailboat in Spa Creek

Acrylic on upcycled poplar planks

24" x 25.5 "


Nautical, lyrical, whaling, New England

Acrylic, decoupage

12 x 12, framed


Decoupage with acrylic whale print, upcycled canvas

acrylic, paper

8 x 20

In the Pink

Feeling those pink sandy vibes along the shore at sunrise

Acrylic on canvas

14" x 18"

Recently Sold


West Peak

Acrylics on 3-dimensional upcycled cedar board, framed in reclaimed pine planks

Acrylic, cedar, pine

19.5 x 33


Baby Bliss 2

A l'il sailboat with blissy purple, pink, golden sun rays on the creek.

Acrylic on Wood

5" x 7"


Saturday Morning

Dreamy rural landscape

Acrylic on upcycled canvas

34.5" x 34.5"



Dreamy beach scape inspired by OBX, sand pipers, decoupage underlay of 3 novels: Eat Pray Love, Lunch in Paris, Julie & Julia

Acrylic wash over decoupage, framed

22" x 22"


Cove Bliss II

Blissy sun sparkles on the cove

Acrylic, Poplar

24" x 25.5"


Baby Bliss

Tiny homage to a sunny day in the cove

Acrylic, 3D wood

8" x 8"


A Girl and Her Dog

Run dog, run

Acrylic on upcycled wood sheet with sandpaper effects with custom pine frame

25" x 31"



Paddle, paddle, paddle

Acrylic on upcycled canvas, framed in walnut reclaimed planks



Shenandoah Valley

Overlook on a hike in Shenandoah National Park

Acrylic on upcycled wood sheet



Cove Bliss

Nautical scene

Acrylic on upcycled shutter with twinkle light effects



Summer Sisters 1

Sisters, beach, surf, sand, sun

Acrylic on upcycled pine planks

Works in Progress


Nautical, lyrical, mysterious

Decoupage on canvas with acrylics

8" x 10"

Our Core Principles

The joy of art is in the discovery. Being an artist is not an exclusive identity; it is a place where everyone belongs.

All of our art is created from upcycled materials. Our canvases are sourced from the curb, the thrift store, dusty nooks in the attic, and the cast-offs in hubby's workshop woodpile. Each of our canvases has a story before it is reinvented. Part of this magic is in the connection between old and new, past and repurposed, forgotten and special. We love this part of our mission.

Art has no script. Like a poem, it lives in a moment, and then it might disappear. Like treasures tossed up by the tides, it is ephemeral--each piece as unique as a seashell.

"For whatever we lose (like a you or a me)

it’s always ourselves we find in the sea"

~e.e. cummings

About the Artist

Carrie Grimes is a restless lover of her family, nature, learning, and beachscapes. A textbook Pisces, lifelong poet, and seeker, she took up painting as a mid-life accompaniment to professorship and puppy-raising. She believes life is too short to ever be boring, and that at the end of this grand adventure, relationships, love, and leaps of faith are the secret sauce to happiness. When she’s not painting and sourcing canvases, you can find her teaching and learning as a graduate professor of education, making trips to her home-away-from-home of Northern California, fan-girling over Insta-Pot recipes, and abiding by the dazzling tradition of date night with her better half, Mark.

"We are the music makers, we are the dreamers of dreams."

~Roald Dahl

Raindrops on Roses Series

Our Raindrops on Roses custom paintings are now available! Integrate favorite text/poetry/books, and a favorite image. They will be combined in a unique piece. Ideal for special occasion gifts (big b'days, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Graduation, anniversaries). See our 3/16 post here for an example: https://www.facebook.com/spacreekstudio


We are currently accepting commissions. Please contact the artist directly to discuss. Commissions may integrate materials and text, and pricing is custom based upon dimensions, etc.


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